Stay Calm. Bake a Pie

Happy (early) Thanksgiving, everyone!

Although Auburn was gorgeous when we left a few days ago…..

fall au leaves

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere but home. Spending time with family and friends during my favorite time of the year makes me very thankful. And one of the best parts is baking as much as I please!

Last Saturday was my sweet daddy’s birthday. My sweet daddy loves Coconut Cream Pie. And that is what he received.

coconut cream pie

For some reason, coconut cream pies have never exactly cared for me in the past. But this one loved me. It’s one of the best pies I’ve ever had!

And to be perfectly honest, I always despised coconut. Until I had it in pie-form. The coconut flakes are nice and toasty, which actually takes away a bit of the texture issues for some folks. Including me.

I realize that coconut pies are not on most Thanksgiving tables, but keep this one in your pocket for later on, after the pumpkin craze has subsided. The recipe is at the end of this post.

And now for the Thanksgiving pies!

We always make pecan pie and pumpkin pie. Tradition can’t be beat.

Earlier this fall I tried a recipe from The Back in the Day Cookbook and fell in love.

I fell in love with Bourbon Pecan Pie.

That splash of bourbon adds so much to it. So this pie will be making a splash on our table this year, for sure.

bourbon pecan pie

It took a lot for me to step outside of my comfort zone with this pie.

Martha Stewart’s Pecan Pie with a Pate Brisee crust was the very first pie I ever made by myself during the fall of my freshman year of high school. Pecan was my favorite all through the years, and it still is. Just with a bit o’ bourbon now.

So that’s where it all began.

I even prefer this crust recipe as well. It’s made with a combination of butter (which provides flavor) and shortening (which makes for a flaky crust).

I’ll still always love that Pate Brisee crust, but this old fashioned one is a little more foolproof. It rolls out well, is easy to handle, and bakes to perfection every time. I really encourage you to try it! Don’t be scared.

So, I know it may get a little crazy tonight and tomorrow, but don’t lose sight of why we’re actually eating this yummy food. Don’t just be thankful for what you appreciate in life, but give thanks. Slow down, stay calm, and enjoy every minute you have with the ones you love.

After all, food is just food.

Pie is just pie. (Did I just say that?)

But it’s the people around you that make any time of year special.

Including Sylvester, our 19 pound fresh turkey that my brother, Matt, and his wife, Toni, were so kind to pick up today at The Butcher Shoppe in Pensacola.

We’ve had a Tom, a Fred, and even a Jerry in the past. Sylvester seems to be a fitting name for this big ole bird.

This is the first year we’ve prepared a fresh turkey and used a wet brine, and I think it will be delicious! Between Matt and Mom, it can’t go wrong.

Well, I’m off to prepare some of that pie dough. If any of you have tips, tricks, comments, or thoughts on Thanksgiving and all that comes with it, I’d love to hear them!

I hope you have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Take care!

And I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this.

Here are the printables:

Coconut Cream Pie

Bourbon Pecan Pie

Old Fashioned Piecrust


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