Simply the Best.

I have the BEST family, friends, and school in the world.

It was difficult, to say the least, leaving my warm, comfortable home after a relaxing Thanksgiving break. The food was phenomenal, the fellowship was wonderful, and the Iron Bowl was…….well…….unbelievable.

As much as I would have loved to have been in Jordan-Hare Stadium at that miraculous moment, sharing that experience with my family at home was epic. I know I’m biased, but Auburn and everything about it is magical.

I thought I had proof after the Georgia game. I witnessed “The Prayer in Jordan-Hare” five rows up from the in-zone. Magic.

But now, that proof is just reinforced. War Eagle!

This tree was still rolled after my class this afternoon.

rolled trees

Ahh. All I can say is I’m blessed to be a student during this incredible season. I’ll never take that for granted!

And it just kept getting better from there.

My nineteenth birthday would not have been the same today without the outpouring of love I received from everyone!

Including my sweet friend, Kat. After our 8 AM class we headed to Starbucks for some much needed coffee. She got me a white mocha and a peppermint cake pop. BLISS, I tell you.


Thank you for making our early mornings so enjoyable–today, and all throughout the semester! I sure will miss it!

Amid our ecstatic Iron Bowl chatter in the festive Student Center, we even watched Santa and his reindeer being strung between the balconies.

student center decorations

It’s things like this that make me so happy. I guess you could say I’m easily amused.

This evening, Sarah (who turned 22 yesterday!!!) and I had a lovely dinner at Olive Garden. Our waiter brought out an adorable, delicious mini cake.

mini birthday cake

As you can see, there’s no flame. After our waiter sang “Happy Birthday to Anna-Kia” (he couldn’t comprehend Sarah’s silent word-mouthing) in a smooth jazzy voice, I was about to blow out the candle. Sarah reminded me that I had to make a wish. Before I knew it, I accidentally puffed a miniscule amount of air through my lips and that flame disappeared instantly. It was just gone! Hysterical moment. Luckily, I was thinking of my wish right as it happened. Hopefully that still counts!

Thanks again to all of my family and friends! This really has been one of the most special birthdays ever. And happy, happy birthday to you, Sarah! You deserve all the happiness in the world!


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