Happy National Pie Day!

Thanks to my sister, Laura, I am now aware that January 23, 2014 is, in fact, National Pie Day.

After some research, I ended up at APC’s website (American Pie Council). I know what you’re thinking. I can’t believe this is a thing either. Funny, that looks like my initials…maybe they’ll hire me one day.

As it turns out, the new movie Labor Day, which I have been dying to see, premiering on January 31st has pie-making as a central theme. You know where I’ll be. Go to the previous link if you want to read more about it!

In honor of my new favorite day, here’s a classic apple pie.

apple pie

You really can’t beat it, especially when paired with vanilla ice cream. Honestly, I would be just fine eating the raw apples with the sweet, syrupy, cinnamon-y juices, but there’s something about slowly baked apples that stirs something inside me. Mark Twain hit the nail on the head with this one:

“I know the look of an apple that is roasting and sizzling on the hearth on a winter’s evening, and I know the comfort that comes of eating it hot, along with some sugar and a drench of cream… I know how the nuts taken in conjunction with winter apples, cider, and doughnuts, make old people’s tales and old jokes sound fresh and crisp and enchanting.”

Okay, so maybe most of us aren’t roasting them on a hearth, but we can still appreciate those simple pleasures if we surround ourselves with loved ones and revel in the richness of their company. That’s what makes the difference. Don’t ignore what is happening right in front of your nose. I can be guilty of this. We must be present in the moment, not looking backwards nor anxiously awaiting the future. Be present, and all will be well.

 So, I have incredible news. We have a new oven!

It’s beautiful.

Every night, Sarah and I have been experimenting with new recipes and enjoying the tried-and-true ones as well. I didn’t realize just how much I adore cooking and baking until recently. So needless to say I’m pretty grateful for this appliance.

Sarah just made some yummy zucchini bread. Cute, aren’t they?

zucchini bread

And yummy they are. The little green specs of zucchini make me feel like I’m really healthy, but the flavors are not compromised whatsoever. It is a great way to sneak vegetables in your kids’ diets. Or your husband’s. Or your own, if you’re anything like me. Good job, Sarah.

Enjoy National Pie Day, whether you bake a pie, buy a pie, or just think about pie. Or channel your inner Mark Twain and enjoy a warm apple with sugar and a drench of cream!


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