Let Them Eat Cake

Tomorrow, April 8th, is a special day for two amazing gals – Kayla and Kathryn!

Little Miss Kayla is simply the funniest person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Her presence alone puts a smile on everyone’s face, and I just love being around her! We met through Food Science at Auburn, and I’m sure she will go on to do great things in the field.

And Kathryn, what can I say. She is lovely. We are in the Trinity college group together, and she is also president of the Auburn Swing Dance Association. Her passion for swing dancing is literally contagious. She has taught me SO much the past few months. I just adore Kathryn, her sweet demeanor, and her c-c-c-curly hair!

Here’s a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of these awesome girls!

Last Friday, our Food Science friends, Emma and Richelle, threw Kayla a surprise birthday party. I was so happy to bake the cake for her! Which flavor you ask?


White Wedding Cake allllll the way.

I discovered Recipe Girl’s version a couple years ago and instantly fell in love. I think it’s impossible to mess it up, and delicious success is just about 40 minutes away. And the best part – it uses a boxed mix as the base with a variety of other ingredients to enhance the flavor. Trust me, I’m not one to use those often, but it is worth it here.

You will go crazy over this cake because it is incredibly easy to prepare (just throw everything into one bowl and mix), bakes to a substantial yet light consistency, and is a definite crowd-pleaser! Think about it. Not everyone likes strawberry or chocolate (even though the latter is beyond my comprehension). Chances are, the delectable simplicity of white wedding cake will go over quite well at your next shindig.

kayla birthday

Photo creds: Emma Williams

Kinda like this one!

Check out the recipe here and the perfect buttercream frosting here!

If cakes aren’t your thing, make cupcakes instead! This recipe will make 36 of them. Try not to eat all of them by yourself…harness your self-control. You’ll need it!

And handy documents for you:

White Wedding Cake

Buttercream Frosting


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